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The Healer of Briarwood - Teaser One

Enjoy a teaser from The Healer of Briarwood, book seven in the Montana Gallagher series.

From somewhere in the book . . .

Mist shrouded the valley and grazed Katharine’s skin. Water tumbled and gurgled over rocks nearby, though the source remained hidden beyond a smattering of trees, lush in green against the overwhelming strength of the mountain at which base she now sat.

She closed her eyes and concentrated on the subtle instruments of nature’s music. While finishing a project in Colorado, her father took her to The Tabor Opera House in Denver during its first week in September 1881. The phenomenal operatic talent of Emma Abbot had filled the hall that night. It was a rare experience for Katharine, and one she fondly remembered. Yet, no sounds on earth soothed and inspired her soul as those released from the tree and bird or river and wind.

The land hummed and her vibrations rose from the soil to blend with the wind as it caressed the trees, creating a symphonic sound with which no string quartet could compete.


Her eyes fluttered open in protest, for the intrusion, though kindly met, broke the song before it reached its crescendo. She looked at Brenna who sat atop a pretty, speckled mare and offered her new friend a smile.

“You drifted away.”

Yes, Katharine thought, she had, and what a beautiful, albeit brief, ramble with nature it had been. “I have stood among great landscapes of America’s vast West. Her territories abound with beautiful mountains so tall one can never imagine climbing them, and rivers wide enough to carry more water than anyone could ever need, and yet . . .”

Brenna moved her mare closer. “And yet?”

“What is so different about this place?”

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The Healer of Briarwood excerpt (teaser) copyright 2020 © MK McClintock

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