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The Glorious Beauty of Winter

The above picture is about what it looks like outside right now. Stating I love the snow would be an understatement. I don't ski, but I do enjoy snowshoeing while my pup runs along beside me. I love the silence of snow, the scent of the earth as it's covered for the season, the anticipation of spring when the snow melts to reveal lush grass. I also enjoy the shorter days of winter; somehow I seem to accomplish a great deal more.

This morning began much earlier than expected. So, when an author is exhausted and up two hours too soon, what do they do? Often, they write. Because I don't drink caffeine, and a workout wasn't going to happen, so instead I made a book trailer for the next Gallagher book, Journey to Hawk's Peak (spring 2016). It revved my creative juices and motivated me to get back to work. Of course I'm not going to share the trailer now, but soon.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. Stay safe, keep warm, and do good.

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