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The Best-Ever Peasant Bread ~ Writer in the Kitchen

I first had peasant bread many years ago before college, when I worked in a small café and bakery. Peasant bread was a staple on the menu, and after the first try, I was hooked. Later, I had an even better peasant bread at a market in New Hampshire.

However, this is officially the most delicious peasant bread I've ever had, and that is not an exaggeration. 100% credit for the recipe goes to Alexandra Stafford of alexandracooks.com.

Did you know? "[Peasant bread is] A term that traditionally referred to a type of bread prepared by rural peasants and used as an everyday bread. The breads usually contained simple ingredients and were often made with whole-grains. The type of bread made depended on the types of grains that were readily available or were commonly grown in a particular region." (recipetips.com)

The loaves smelled so good while baking, and even better fresh from the oven.

The recipe has only a few simple ingredients, all readily accessible. I used Artisan Bread Flour from Bob's Red Mill and coconut sugar. Alexandra's directions are some of the best I've seen on a food blog, or even in most cookbooks, which tells me she knows what she's about in the kitchen.

The golden crust surrounds a soft and flavor-packed center.

We enjoyed it with a little whipped Kerrygold butter and raspberry jam. I like whipped butter because it's lighter and one tends to use a lot less since it spreads so easily. I take room temperature butter and whip it on high speed until it's nice and creamy.

Even if you are not a baker, this bread if worth trying. It is so easy! Enjoy with your favorite beverage and a good book.

Get the recipe at Alexandra Cooks:

My Mother's Peasant Bread

Enjoy, and thank you for visiting!

About Writer in the Kitchen, aka MK's Cookery: I love to be in the kitchen. Once upon a time I was going to be a pastry chef, and though my life took a different path (glad it did), my love for baking and cooking has never gone away. You can always find more on my Recipes page.

Hi, I'm MK. When I'm not making stuff up, I bake, garden, explore, decorate, and so much more. It's not a blog about my personal life, but I do share the occasional story as relates to the specific post.


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