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Tea Time with Clayton's Honor

Did you know: Tea smuggling was widespread and it was the smuggled, cheaper tea that Irish peasants enjoyed. Its popularity grew quickly and by 1830s, tea was in staple in people’s diets and widespread amongst the poor. It seems that English reformers saw the pastime of tea-drinking as “reckless and uncontrollable” and something that could cause “addiction, illicit longing and revolutionary sympathies”. (

Thank goodness for that! It's interesting to see how the perception of drinking tea varied from place to place.

Tea Time with Clayton's Honor - ©MK McClintock #teatime #bookandtea #historicalromance

Excerpt from Clayton's Honor

They walked into the study where Tristan sat in one of the plush chairs, a drink in his hand. He stood when they entered, offering Anne a genuine smile and a kiss on her hand. “I have ordered tea and a light repast for you, my dear. I dare hope the journey was not too taxing.”

“Not in the least.”

“Brilliant.” Tristan turned to Devon. “Tell me, old friend. Have you become reckless?”

Devon escorted Anne to her seat and availed himself of a glass of whiskey from the sideboard. “Not to my knowledge.” He swirled the liquid twice before sipping.

Anne spoke up in Devon’s defense. “The journey was my idea—”

Conversation halted when Ellis entered with the tea. Devon waved away Anne’s concern. “Don’t worry, Ellis knows everything, don’t you?”

Ellis bowed once. “Quite right, sir.”

Devon smirked and occupied the seat next to Anne. Once the butler had exited, Anne continued. “It was my idea to leave Greyson Hall, not Devon’s.” She looked to Devon for confirmation, but he appeared entertained by what she’d said. Anne glanced at Tristan whose expression conveyed great amusement and a touch of doubt.

Devon responded on his friend’s behalf. “Tristan is simply overcome with appreciation for any woman who would deny me, especially when he knows there is not a soul on earth who could ever make me do anything.”

“It’s risky, and Charles won’t like it,” Tristan argued.

Devon nodded. “I know, but hear us out. Anne’s plan is smart, and it’s nothing we wouldn’t consider had she not been Charles’s cousin.”

Tristan retook his seat. “So, we let the cat come to the cream.”

“That is the idea.” Devon set his glass aside and leaned forward. “But first, Anne and I have a social visit to make upon one Lady Alexander.”

Tristan’s glass stopped halfway to his lips.

Anne observed him with a careful eye, and his reaction was unmistakable.

“You know her?”

“No, but my father did.”

Excerpt from Clayton's Honor copyright © MK McClintock


Did you know: "Both spellings of the word, whiskey and whisky, are correct. If you’re talking about a drink that’s been made in Scotland, Canada, or Japan, use the spelling without the e—whisky. When referring to drinks distilled in the United States or Ireland, use the e—whiskey." (

The whiskey Devon is enjoying is, of course, Irish whiskey. "The word 'whiskey' comes from the Irish (or 'Gaelic') uisce beatha, meaning water of life."

I didn't know that one.

Make time every now and then to escape into a good book and relax with a pot of tea and a tasty treat.

The Tea: Chamomile with Lavender from Traditional Medicinals

The Treat: Huckleberry Coffee Cake with Coconut Topping

The Book: Clayton's Honor, book 3 of the British Agent series. Read an excerpt >


#BritishAgentSeries #teaandbook #teatime

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