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Revisiting a poem I wrote in 2016 for the Seasons (Spring) gratitude journal. I remember the poems were a last-minute addition to the journals and I needed to write them quickly. I wrote poetry often in my early teens and I have a binder full, but I needed something new for the journals. Poetry does not come as easily now as it did then, except these did. Inspiration for writing poems is one of those things that is there when I need it. Thank you to poet Verna Cole Mitchell for her eagle-eyed editing and suggestions.

Since spring has finally made an appearance in my corner of Montana (and I define spring by being able to leave flowers outside), this one feels appropriate.

I do hope you are enjoying some lovely spring weather wherever you are. I know many places, including where my brother and his family live, have been dealing with heavy flooding. If you're in such an area, please be safe.

Is it wrong that I already miss the cold of winter? Were it not for beautiful flowers, I do not believe I could welcome spring with such joy. To me, spring means digging and planting, lighter meals and desserts with fresh berries, and decluttering closets.

Welcome spring!


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