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Vermont Spring_MK McClintock


Wintertide, cozy and sheltered,

descends as life renews,

asleep now under flowering turf.

Blossoms, bountiful and sweet,

awaken and spring from

beneath Earth’s heart.

Hills, glorious and green,

nourished in dew,

welcome wee beasts.

Budding wings, fair and sure,

flutter and frolic

above periwinkle vines.

Springtide, fresh and vibrant,

cherished by hope,

rouses from her frosted slumber.

~ MK McClintock

edited by Verna Cole Mitchell

First published in Seasons: A Gratitude Journal (Spring)

While I'm always a bit sad to say goodbye to winter, there is a beauty in spring that cannot be found at any other time of year. I welcome the sound of birds chirping and flowing streams of glacial water, sunny days and snow-capped mountain peaks while blossoms begin to show on trees. Spring is a magical time.

What is your favorite season?

These images are all from my time on a farm in Vermont. Spring arrives earlier there than here, and since we still have snow on the ground, I thought these suited spring better than more winter images, of which I have plenty.

Vermont Spring_MK McClintock

Vermont Spring_MK McClintock

Vermont Spring_MK McClintock

Vermont Spring_MK McClintock

Vermont Spring_MK McClintock

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