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Snowy Peaks and Icy Waters in Glacier Park

I sat down on Saturday morning, ready to write. Then the sun peeked through the blinds, teasing and beckoning me away from the computer. I checked the Glacier Park webcams, saw the entrance empty of cars, and decided nature took precedence.

One cannot control a world in chaos, and staying home to feel helpless helps no one, and so I sought the comfort of nature with an understanding that like the weather, change in all things is constant, and the only way is onward.

Snowy Peaks and Icy Waters in Glacier Park_MK McClintock Author

And so I ventured to a place that always welcomes with beauty and calm. The snow and cooler temps were a welcome treat after odd up-and-down weather at the lower elevation. I expect the rest of the ice will break up soon if the rumbling beneath the surface was any indication.

Enough people to fill two tour vans ventured onto the dock, pulling out their cell phones to take pictures (can't blame them with a view like that), and yet I kept wanting to tell them to stop talking and listen. Listen to the wind as it flowed between the mountains and over the lake. Listen to the gentle sway and occasional crack of ice, and the water as it gently lapped against the edges. One can only truly find serenity if one listens.

Snowy Peaks and Icy Waters in Glacier Park_MK McClintock Author

But I go into nature to escape everything else. Not everyone feels the same. And because I don't think my words can add anything more to the pictures (and also because I need to get back to writing), I leave you with more images of snowy peaks and icy waters.

Be well, be kind, and never stop believing something good is about to happen.


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