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Snow, Snow, Please Send Snow

If you've ever watched enough episodes of Gilmore Girls, you'd know that Lorelai Gilmore loves the snow (at least in the early seasons). She loves the clothes, the smell, the chill in the air . . . and I feel the same way.

While the east was pummeled by snow and fierce storms, we enjoyed some mild weather up here. Too mild. I realize that's an odd sentiment, but I love the snow. I don't ski or snowboard, though I do enjoy a nice day of snowshoeing. I like to bundle up in winter coats, put on one of my Scottish wool hats that are too out place any other time of year, and wrap myself up in a scarf (I adore scarves).

I have this great shearling that's close to 30 years old and once belonged to my mother (at some point I stole it, but she doesn't hold it against me). It's still in excellent condition because I don't often have occasion to wear it, except when the temperatures drop, the wind blows, and I can almost see my breath form microscopic ice crystals in the air.

I could do with more snow, and I'd be more than happy if the snow remained until April, but I know few people who agree with me. I find it amusing that so many people who live up in here in the cold north spend most of the winter wishing for spring to come.

Here's to at least a few more months of winter with snow, cold, and all the beauty this season brings.

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