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Snow, Finally! and Early Winter Beauty

It comes around every year, without fail, delivering beauty in the form of a soft, white, and wet blanket. While this blanket can't be wrapped around you to keep warm, it certainly offers plenty of prettiness and fun.


We're teased a few times before it falls and stays for the season.

Like last month when we got this beautiful dusting on the mountains before it disappeared beneath the sun.

Swan Mountain Range_MK McClintock
Swan Mountain Range, NW Montana

Swan Mountain Range_MK McClintock
Swan Mountain Range, NW Montana

Yesterday I went for an early evening walk to unwind after a long day. Some of the snow has melted, but the air is cold enough that I want to believe it is here to stay.

Is it wrong to enjoy such beauty when others are faced with troubles? I have never believed so. Without beauty and wonder, what would there be to hope for in an uncertain world? People work, live, love, go on adventures, and live their day-to-day not knowing what will happen tomorrow.

Writers sit down and pen out their stories, leaving bits and pieces for the next day and the next? Do we worry that something will happen to prevent us from completing the book? Perhaps. But most of the time, we're thinking about how nice it will be to revisit our fictional families again and again. We have hope that the stories will continue.

Hope is a beautiful and I can't imagine a world—with all its ups, downs, ugliness, and wonder—without it.

Flathead Lake_MK McClintock
Flathead Lake, NW Montana

On the writing front, I'm dividing my time between both an MK and McKenna book. I've been trying not to do that, just finish one before I finish the next, but I have some catching up still to do from summer.

Tomorrow I have cookie baking to do for friends and family, and perhaps a visit to Glacier Park, then time with my fictional friends. Ainslee and Colton (Gallaghers) or Meaghan and Donovan (Kyndalls) . . . who are you most looking forward to meeting next? I love them all. I fall in love with each of the men, which apparently means I fall in love easily with sexy, chivalrous guys, but they're fictional, so it's allowed.

Be well, be kind, be safe, and always stay bookish!


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