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Saturday Rain, Baking, and Writing

The heady fragrance of fresh rain mingled with pine, birds chirping before the sun rises, and a morning walk with my pup, all add up to a perfect Saturday morning. The gloom will continue for a few months still, with a touch of sunshine peeking in here and there. Until the ground is ready for planting and the threat of a last frost has passed, I bring spring indoors. I'm not usually a fan of daffodils, but I love the way these cheered up the coffee table.

Of course the large dining table always gets a splash of decor depending upon the season. Right now it's all about springtime flowers, even if we do still have plenty of snow left on the mountains.

Then there was a bit of baking, but only brownie bites so as not to overdo (smaller than they look in the picture). I use mini muffin pans to make my brownies. I wasn't in the mood to make up much, just a little homemade treat.

The busy morning was made complete by whipping up a batch of my "famous" lavender cream (okay, famous in my family). Because of my sensitive skin, I started making my own cream many years ago with a variety of organic oils. If I happen to run out, it's tough to use anything else—even the great stuff.

Do you ever wake up feeling like your brain and body are already in overdrive and you can't slow down for fear that you'll stall and stop working? Well, that's how I've been this morning and I love it. Now I'm going to expend more of this abundance of natural energy on pre-edits for the next Grey-Archard book. After I'm done with those . . . back to the Gallaghers!

Wishing you all a safe and fun-filled weekend!

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