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Sailing Away by Verna Cole Mitchell

I have had the pleasure of knowing Verna virtually ever since my editor introduced us. A retired English teacher, I have had the honor of working with her on novels and poems. When I first read this poem, "Sailing Away," included in her newest poetry book, it felt so familiar because she captures the writing experience perfectly. Her poetry is fun, insightful, and inspirational. Enjoy!

Day's Arrival, poetry collection, by Verna Cole Mitchell

Sailing Away

Verna Cole Mitchell

While looking to be entertained

One snowy, wintry day,

I climbed aboard a brand new book

And slowly sailed away.

Some sandwiches of ham and cheese,

I took along with me,

As well as cookies, just fresh baked,

With thermos of spiced tea.

I traveled in a leisure way

With author at the helm.

She piloted her words with skill

Through a romantic realm.

I visited some gorgeous sites

Through great descriptive writing

And lingered there for quite awhile

Till came scenes more exciting.

Suspense and danger, found I next

With feisty girl in trouble,

Until the handsome hero came

And saved her on the double.

I loved the characters I met

Although they weren’t perfect.

They prayed, receiving help from God

To guide them through each conflict.

It saddened me to reach the end

Of my exciting trip,

So searched I for another book

To be my sailing ship.

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