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Rocky Mountain Memories

It is always exciting to discover childhood memories, but the process of unearthing them takes an advance pep talk. However, once those treasures are uncovered, I forget all about the rummaging, lifting, and dusty part.

This is a post filled with old, scratchy images, and every one of them shows a glimpse of Rocky Mountain beauty, from Colorado to Montana, taken between the mid-1980s to 2000.

The first one should be easy; bison roaming with a stunning backdrop of the Tetons.

Bison and Teton Mountains - MK McClintock

See the train peeking through the green?

Colorado mountains, river, and train - MK McClintock

I don't remember this, but "Sand Mountain Pass - Sawtooths" is written on the back. Goodness, I haven't been in the Sawtooth Range since, well, too long.

Sand Mountain Pass in the Sawtooth Range - MK McClintock

A bison munching on grass outside Jackson, WY.

Bison in Wyoming - MK McClintock
(Taken from within the vehicle. Never walk near a wild animal!)

Somewhere in Wyoming. It was taken too long ago for me to remember exactly where. I should have been better about writing on the backs.

Wyoming landscape - MK McClintock

The next few have trees, water, and are beautiful settings . . . in Colorado or Idaho.

Mountain lake - MK McClintock

Mountain lake - MK McClintock

Mountain river - MK McClintock

Now we're back in Montana.

Glacier National Park - MK McClintock

Sun over mountains - MK McClintock

Lesson: Never throw away memories. Preserve them, cherish them, and share them with others to hopefully brighten someone's day.


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