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Upbeat Authors ~ Renewal and Reflection

Envision who you want to be . . .

Upbeat Authors ~ The Laws of Self Renewal

Everyone needs to recharge and refocus at some point. It's inevitable with all the noise, competition, and . . . did I mention noise . . . in today's world. It's important to shut out the chaos and refocus on our goals. Are you already where you want to be? Have you lost sight of the next step? Have recent challenges veered you off course?

I hope you take time for renewal, reflection, and refocusing on what's most important to you, be it more time with family, more time for self renewal, tackling a forgotten project, embracing a new adventure, or finally taking the first or next step in achieving a dream.

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.” —J. Pierpont Morgan

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#UpbeatAuthors was originally launched by author Trish Milburn in 2017. Most of those who participated carried it through 2018, and a few went a year or two beyond. I've decided to revive it for 2023, at least on this blog, for a year of positivity.

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