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Recognizing Milestones ~ #UpbeatAuthors

Recognizing Milestones ~ #UpbeatAuthors ~ Author MK McClintock

If we give ourselves praise for a job well done, does that make us boastful? If we recognize our accomplishments and want to share them with others, does that make us arrogant? There can be a shaky line between boasting of one's success and recognizing hard-earned achievements. When I finish a book, I can't wait to share it with others. When my sister designs a stunning home, she's earned the accolades others give for recognizing her talents. When my brother creates a well-crafted and beautiful piece of furniture, he's deserving of praise for his hard work and skills.

Arrogance and boasting are unattractive traits in anyone, no matter the talent or work that goes into achieving any milestone. However, when shared with humility and understanding that others may have played a part in your success, why not celebrate a milestone?

I believe it's important to recognizing our own talents and accomplishments, and to celebrate them, whether by ourselves or with others. When we acknowledge what we're each capable of, we often have the confidence to go onto do even greater things.


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