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Reading Room: Waiting out the Storm by Ruth Logan Herne

Ruth Logan Herne is one of a handful of Christian authors whose books I always enjoy. This is one I had not come across before and liked the sound of it. What a delightful book it turned out to be. I finished it in less than a day (not much sleep), and it was worth every minute. The author transported me to a region I've only drive through a few times, but never really stopped to enjoy. The scenic descriptions are spot on and vivid, and the characters are endearing. I got choked up a couple times when it came to the animals (any animal lover will). If you enjoy inspirational stories about imperfect people in small-town settings, give this book a try.

Waiting out the Storm by Ruth Logan Herne - Book Recommendation

About the Book

Running a sheep farm alone isn’t easy, but North Country shepherd Sarah Slocum is determined to be successful. She’s fought drought and disease, and she’s turning out bountiful crops of lambs several times a year. Like many start-up farmers, Sarah is working a side job, too, and managing—barely.

But when a family crisis hits, Sarah takes in her two nieces and a nephew, kids who’ve never been subjected to the rigors, sights, sounds and smells of farm life. And when the to-die-for handsome local veterinarian moves in across the street, the veterinarian who has an aversion to sheep and a grudge against Slocums, Sarah’s pretty sure things couldn’t get worse. Until they do.

Dr. Craig Macklin is blindsided when he realizes he’s building his long-awaited house across the road from Sarah Slocum’s sheep farm. It’s his fault for falling in love with the generous slope and not back-checking the neighbors before he cut a deal, but as Craig gets to know Sarah, he’s drawn to her. She’s nothing like the women he’s dated. She’s nothing like any woman he’s known, and the urge to protect her and care for her only grows when a mid-summer storm threatens her life.

But Sarah’s life hasn’t been easy, and while forgiveness is a Christian mandate, the concept has tested her patience lately. Can she move beyond the cruelties of her past to embrace the future God’s laid out for her? A future with Craig?


The Reading Room is where I share books, because authors are readers, too. I don't rate books on my blog, but I do like to share books I've read and enjoyed (My mom recommends a few, too.). My tastes are eclectic, so expect to see everything from sweet, wholesome romance to edge-of-your-seat, sexy thrillers, and more in between.

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