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Those who watched the Dr. Quinn series will know what I'm talking about. Those who haven't may be lost for a minute, but chances are if you're reading this blog, you've seen at least some episodes.

Anyway . . . There's an episode when Sully is showing the good doctor and the kids the land upon which their new home will be built. It also happens to be at a time when there is talk of the railroad coming to Colorado Springs. Sully lets Michaela know that if the railroad comes, they won't be staying.

Sully and I are kindred spirits.

Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park_MK McClintock
Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park | MK

I thought of him last weekend when I ventured up to Glacier for a little quiet time. There were a lot of people for after Labor Day, and unfortunately, a lot of rude people wanting to go as fast as possible on the meandering road, honking if they had to wait a few seconds while someone (moi) pulled over to enjoy the beauty of the park.

I had a Sully moment. I thought how wonderful it would be if everyone who came to the park slowed down. Actually, my first thought was how nice it would be if everyone disappeared for the day . . . yeah, I really thought it. Back to slowing down. Not just on the roads, but their mindsets. I mean, who would want to hurry when there is so much beauty to enjoy? More and more people visit the park every year, and while it's wonderful to share the splendor with others, I often wish those who visited did so with Sully's mindset: Enjoy nature's awe-inspiring wonder, but leave it better than when you arrived. Don't disrupt the natural order, don't try to change it, just enjoy it and respect the land.

Yep, lots of Sully moments.

Not only is Sully a great romantic hero, he foresaw changes to his peaceful existence that he knew would be difficult. His stubbornness at times seemed selfish, but the guy wanted to live a certain way and in my book that's not selfishness. Sure, he had his flaws (easily overlooked by all the positive points), and that is also what makes him a great romantic hero.

I do so love a good romantic hero. Books are filled with them, though not all are likable, but it is often their flaws that make them unique and endearing.

As I sit here sipping my tea, quiet music playing in the background, I am thinking of Ethan, Gabriel, and Ramsey, Tristan, Charles, and Devon, Craig, Jordan, and Donovan. All of these heroes, and then some, have a touch of "Sully" incorporated into their personalities. The "Sully traits" manifest in different ways for each one, but if you look closely, you'll see them.

I have enjoyed a morning of puttering about the house, and now it is time to delve back into Donovan's story. I do so enjoy being swept away to Alaska by this Kyndall brother. This particular brother and hero has caused me a few hang-ups. I did not do my usual character homework with him, with a full analysis, because I believed I knew him well enough from the first two books. It is a mistake I've made once before, and it's maddening because it could have been prevented.

Donovan and I have had to get to know each other a little better, and I will say that the closer we become, the more I adore him. He's a bit like Ethan from Gallagher's Pride, or at least he possesses a few of Ethan's flaws, stubbornness chief among them. I find it rather charming.

Before I say farewell for the day, I want to share a few books. I have not had time for a Reading Room post of late, though I have kept busy with plenty of books.

A History of the American People by Paul Johnson. This book is a bit of a monster, so I will be reading it for quite a while. The writing is excellent, and for a non-fiction, the author does a commendable job holding my interest.

Write Away by Elizabeth George. Another non-fiction that is well written. I'm halfway through this one, and I find it quite enjoyable to read and the advice valuable. The author has a way of making the subject of writing craft interesting. There is a lot of mention of her books as examples, which is to be expected, but the advice offered in between all that is quite good. I would say this is geared more toward new authors, but still valuable for any writer. I have two of her novels sitting on my office shelf that will be read this year.

Labyrinth by Catherine Coulter. This author's FBI series are on my auto-buy list as I've enjoyed the series from book one. The latest installment is just as well written, and while some of the story line requires the reader to stretch their imagination beyond reality, I zipped right through the book because it held my interest from start to finish.

I have piles more to get through. I keep telling myself that I won't buy another book until I've read at least five on my TBR pile . . . yeah, that doesn't happen.

I do hope you are enjoying a great book (or two, or three) right now. Speaking of books to enjoy, don't forget that Christmas in the Rockies releases October 8, 2019 in e-book and paperback!

Christmas in the Rockies_McKenna Grey


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