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Positive Rejection ~ #UpbeatAuthors

Rejection does not define you.

Positive Rejection ~ #UpbeatAuthors

We authors certainly know about rejection. It comes from agents, publishers, other authors, and readers. When our work is rejected, it feels as though we (the person) is being rejected. Perhaps in some instances we are, but it doesn't define who we are.

I've never put much stock into what people think about me. I tend to live by this simple principle: If we're too busy worrying about what others think of us, we'll have no time to be ourselves.

You've like heard, "Rejection is a part of life," and it's true. There's no way around it. Whether in love, friendship, family, or career, rejection happens. However, it gives us the opportunity to become stronger and better.

It helps to remember that when rejection happens, it often has more to do with the person rejecting you than it does with you.

How do you handle rejection?


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