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My pal Samantha St. Claire released her Whitcomb Springs stories in a new collection. If you haven't read her Whitcomb tales yet, this is a great chance to enjoy them in one book.


“I feel certain most any reader will find something in this story with which to resonate.” —The Constant Reader

Discover the stories from a small Montana mountain town where in the post-Civil War years its residents begin to rebuild their lives. This collection of short fiction introduces its pioneers - war widows, wounded heroes, and drifters, those in search of a peaceful community in which to raise families and establish their legacy. Some stories will amuse you, while others will tug at your heartstrings. All deliver a powerful message of the pioneering courage and resilience that is our American heritage.

Find inspiration and hope. Visit Whitcomb Springs and those that live and love there.


Praise for Samantha's Whitcomb Stories

"I feel certain most any reader will find something in this story with which to resonate. Who among us, in our determination to be self-sufficient, has not undertaken a load too heavy, a road too rough - and come to understand, in a moment of doubt, that what we need is not to be rescued, but the trust of someone who believes in us? This ideal carries through Samantha St. Claire's enjoyable, uplifting writings. You'll find an offering of faith in "Tracking Amy." I hope you'll read it and share it with someone you love."

~The Constant Reader on "Tracking Amy"

"I had fun reading this short story! I kept wanting to find out about the characters and there was the perfect balance of background info and curiosity of each. I highly recommend this story!!" ~Kindle Reader on "Tracking Amy"

"An exciting, heart-warming western love story! 'Healing Fire' is a beautiful and sweet story, very well written by Samantha St. Claire! This short novella has good flow, charming characters and everything to please lovers of western romances." —Nicole Laverdure

"Samantha St, Claire's HEALING FIRE is a lovely read! I felt like I was there in the yard, my back leaning against a fence post, as I watched events unfold." —Amazon Customer


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