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Overcoming Fear~ #UpbeatAuthors

How do you overcome fear?

Overcoming Fear~ #UpbeatAuthors

WE ALL FEAR something. For a good deal of my life, I allowed fear of the unknown to direct my actions. I took risks for adventure but not when it came to the choices that really mattered. When I should have said "yes" I said "no." Fear, in all its many forms, is a part of life. The only way I've figured out how to overcome fear is to push through it. How about you?

Somehow, that truth did not motivate her fear. Anne was awash with a sense of calm and duty. Is this what it meant to sacrifice yourself, your own wants, for the good of others? Motivated primarily by the safety of her family, Anne realized whatever they accomplished would be for a greater good. ~From Clayton's Honor

Continuing with sharing music videos on Upbeat Author Mondays, here's "Absence of Fear" by Jewel. She has such a lovely and calming voice. Enjoy!


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