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October Morning in Glacier

The arrival of October means my favorite time to visit Glacier Park, and while any time of day is beautiful, sunrise is especially so. With a new day comes new opportunities.

Lake McDonald sunrise in Glacier National Park_MK McClintock

“Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it yet.”—L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Anyone who has read the beloved book or seen the wonderful movie adaptation, is familiar with the "Tomorrow is always fresh . . ." quote. Previous days and mistakes can't be erased, but there is great joy and hope knowing that there is always another chance to become the best versions of ourselves.

Lake McDonald sunrise in Glacier National Park_MK McClintock

Color, light, and shimmering water greeted us as the sun slowly rose over the peaks, and all the while I wrote scenes in my mind, and drew comfort from friends who enjoy sunrises, autumn colors, and early mornings as much as I do.

Lake McDonald sunrise in Glacier National Park_MK McClintock


“You’re home now, and that’s what matters.”

She looked up at the house once again. “I should go inside. I desperately want a bath and I imagine you’re exhausted, but would you sit with me out here for a few minutes to watch the sun rise over the mountains? I wasn’t sure I’d be around for another one, and I’d really like to enjoy it with you.”

—Ben and Amanda in Journey to Hawk's Peak


October in Glacier National Park_MK McClintock


The long valley spread far in two directions, flanked by rolling mountains covered in rich, green pine and aspens in shades of pale yellow and dark gold. The sun granted them with its glorious presence from the moment they boarded the train in Durango. Crisp air filled her lungs, and for a few moments, as she sat atop the horse, Casey thought herself in paradise.

—from The Case of the Copper King


McDonald Falls in Glacier National Park_MK McClintock


The early sunrise colors escaped the confines of the clouds enough to cast a few ribbons of morning sun on the earth, the light creating a soft halo around them. For a woman who earned a nice living by the power of words, she struggled to find the right ones. He did not rush her but neither did he encourage her. One second to the next, she saw indecision in his eyes, then certainty—two opposite emotions searching for a foothold.

She understood the feeling, for even now Ainslee knew the day would soon come when she must make the decision to stay or to go.

—from Wild Montana Winds


Sunrise in Glacier National Park_MK McClintock


If Brenna couldn't be home watching the morning mist in Scotland, then watching the sun rise from the front porch of Hawk’s Peak ranch was the next best thing. She’d seen few sunrises in her lifetime because more often than not, she woke to mist and rain. Such beauty helped ease the pain of missing home.

—from Gallagher's Pride


October in Glacier National Park_MK McClintock


Colton recalled a conversation he once had, the night after Ethan first lost Brenna to his own stubbornness. She had returned to Scotland and Colton found Ethan walking through one of the fields, dusted with an early autumn snow. They stood together in the field, watching the moon rise higher above the snow-capped peaks, illuminating the vast ranch. It had been Gabriel who ultimately pushed Ethan out of his brother’s misery and back on the right path to Brenna, but Colton never forgot what Ethan said that night.

“There is no greater mistake a man can make than deny his love for the only woman who was meant to have his heart.”

—from Wild Montana Winds


Lake McDonald sunrise in Glacier National Park_MK McClintock

Whether you find your bliss sunning in the desert, walking by the sea, fishing along a river, or exploring the mountains, I hope you take time to recharge and find happiness in every season and the small and precious moments.


Books mentioned in this post:

Gallagher's Pride, Journey to Hawk's Peak, and Wild Montana Winds are part of the Montana Gallagher series.

The Case of the Copper King is part of the McKenzie Sisters series.


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