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New Whitcomb Springs Story ~ "Walk the Lightning" by Lynn Winchester

I'm excited to announce that a new story in the Whitcomb Springs series is up for pre-order! Get your copy of "Walk the Lightning" by Lynn Winchester. We'll have a few stories releasing this summer, so stay tuned!

Now Available!

"Walk the Lightning" a western short story by Lynn Winchester

Reverend Paul Isaacs has known the weight of loneliness for thirty-five years. Day by day by day, the silence and heartache batters him. And in the town of Whitcomb Springs, there’s no one to ease that ache, to fill that void . . . Until Alivia. Alivia Ryder isn’t one to allow sorrow to rule her life; having lost her husband of five years, her business, and her home, she is determined to start over. To live and thrive again. And when she arrives in Whitcomb Springs, her heart draws her to the handsome, reserved, and sad-eyed preacher. When a storm strands Paul and Alivia in the church, one heartbreaking confession brings the two lonely hearts to the brink of something powerful. Join bestselling author, Lynn Winchester, as she brings a story of fate and faith to the world of Whitcomb Springs.

If you haven't read the other short/novelettes stories in the series, no problem. They're available for $0.99 - $1.99 each! Visit the Whitcomb Springs series on Amazon.

Whitcomb Springs Series by MK McClintock et al


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