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Mother's Day in Glacier National Park

On Mother's Day, my mom gets what she wants . . . well, almost. I do my best and it's nice that she's easy to please and enjoys some of the same things I do. Which is why when she wanted to go up to Glacier National Park for the morning, I of course said yes.


There was a bit of haze in the sky in the morning (I believe from the terrible fire in Alberta) which faded as we drove farther into the park, and as the day wore on. Perhaps it was the dry weather or the lack of rain we've had lately (as of this morning we're getting a nice downpour), but I was focused on the water. I love rivers, lakes, streams, waterfalls, and creeks, and Glacier has an abundance of all of the above.

I love the purity and beauty of the water as it crashes and glides over rocks.

I was so obsessed with the water that I didn't take a lot of other pictures. Except for the frogs since I like frogs and almost stepped on one. These little guys were everywhere.

Then I went back to the water.

If I had been alone, I would have camped out on a nearby rock to spend hours plotting. As it turned out, the day ended up giving me just enough time away from the computer and out in nature to come back with some great ideas and notes.

My gratitude moment for today was two-fold: Spending the day with my wonderful mother in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

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