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Montana: A Gratitude Journal and a Poem

There's a new gratitude journal! This one is set up a little differently from the others, so now there's a journal depending upon how you like to record your thoughts and moments of gratitude. This one is Montana inside and out with extra lines and fill-in dates, so you record your daily thoughts of gratitude in your own time. Like the other journals, this is available in paperback only.

Montana: A Gratitude Journal

A Dream of Montana

Her peaks, untouched and unspoiled,

rise above confines of man.

Through mountain valleys, restless and untamed,

her rivers glisten and tumble.

Her creatures, wild and yearning,

battle for the solace of their desire.

Her eagles, majestic and transcendent,

soar and dance through endless skies.

Her heart, uncertain and amazed,

thirsts for a time forgotten.

Her faith, hopeful and tranquil,

awakens and confides in the nation.

~ MK McClintock

edited by Verna Cole Mitchell

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