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Memorial Day Horses

Waterfall Whitefish MK McClintock

Memorial Day has always been a day of remembrance for me, rather than a holiday for BBQ's and an afternoon on the lake. I generally work or catch up on writing and reading. After a nice long walk this morning, I decided to explore a little part of Whitefish I hadn't been to before. A nice surprise in the form of some friendly horses greeted me on the north shore of Whitefish Lake.

This red beauty was a little camera crazy and not too keen on letting the others to the fence, but they eventually won out.

Horse_MK McClintock

This pretty little white sweetheart wanted her picture taken, but ahem, Mr. Red up there was blocking her path, so I went around him.

Then I went across the road to the lake side where another group of horses were waiting for their photo op. It didn't take them long to abandon their meal for a visit at the fence.

A couple of these pretties are going to make it into one of my westerns. Whatever you're out doing today, I hope it's fun, safe, and most importantly, in honor of our soldiers.

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