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March 2015

Dearest Reader,

2015 has already been a year of change. With only one month past, I foresee this being one of my busiest and most rewarding years ever. New books, new projects, and new explorations into the world of publishing.

Have you ever wondered how you would handle change if it came about unexpectedly? I'm not talking about small changes, but life-altering ones? I spent many years exploring and moving around the country, so I'm no stranger to change, but recently I've found myself wanting to remain more rooted to one place. It's an odd feeling for me, but an exciting one. Most people may not consider staying put a life-altering change, but for me, it's an escape from the normal.

Now, for a few book updates. The talented narrators I'm working with have informed me that two more audiobooks will soon be ready for publication; Gallagher's Hope and Alaina Claiborne. Later in 2015 we'll see the Gallaghers return again, along with two more Crooked Creek short stories.

Clayton's Honor is now in the capable hands of my editor. This third installment brings together all of the characters I've come to love from the first two books, but you'll also meet Anne Doyle. She's a bit of a mystery herself. Anne also has a good heart, and an unwavering strength and love for family that I admire and envy. Anne has become a part of my own family, as have all of my other characters, and I look forward to introducing you to her.

I love research, and each one of my books has required a bit of it. However, I've spent more time researching than writing on this particular book. The hours I've spent reading and learning about Ireland and Northumberland have been some of the most rewarding of my writing career. I'm always in awe at how little I know compared to the vast knowledge one has the ability to accumulate in one's lifetime.

Ireland's green hills, craggy coastlines, thunderous waves, and towering cliffs. Northumberland's wild openness, unexpected beauty, incredible views, and numerous castles. The journey these characters take is not only steeped in mystery, adventure, and of course romance, but it's one of new beginnings, self-discovery, and the realization that we are each individuals who make mistakes. Bound by friendship, family, and love, the men and women of these British Agent novels are not simply characters on a page, but fascinating individuals with stories to tell, sorrows to overcome, and dreams of their own.

I thank you for joining me on my exploration of the British isles with the agents.

To all of my existing readers, I want to thank you all again for your amazing support and generosity of spirit. To new readers and future readers, I thank you for welcoming me and my books into your lives.

Many good wishes to you all for a wonderful March!


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