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Make Time for What Matters ~ #upbeatauthors

You should never be too busy for . . . What goes after this sentence for you?

Brian Tracy said, "There is never enough time to do everything, but there is always enough time to do the most important thing." (The Law of Forced Efficiency) The article relates to time management, but I believe this concept applies to every aspect of our lives. What matters most to us? What do we put off until tomorrow because we're too busy today? What do we neglect because we feel there is no time.

I'm not always great at leaving time for things that are important to me. I load up with tasks and projects, thinking I'll always have tomorrow, but eventually burn out happens, and that's no way to manage time or life. This year I've learned to slow down and make time for . . . what matters. It's not easy, but I believe it's essential for a happy and healthy life.

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