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Long Summer Days

Long and hot summer days, flocks of tourists, and blooming gardens must mean it's the height of summer in northwest Montana, where change has become as unpredictable as the seasons.

Mountain road with snow_MK McClintock
That summer with the snow . . . good times.

I've kept mostly to myself, exhausted from so much going on, frustrated that my shoulder isn't healing faster, and annoyed that I do foolish things to keep it from healing faster (like dig holes for new roses). The heat keeps me inside past 10:00 am most days, but that also means more time for writing, plus catching up on reading. I may also be spending too much time on Zillow, saving houses in places colder than Montana.

Red Rose_MK McClintock
A new addition to this year's garden.

For now, I relax, enjoy some quiet time, and think about the next book. I recently finished a Whitcomb Springs novelette and now I'm back to work on the eighth book in the Montana Gallagher series. Wow! Eight Gallagher books and the ideas keep coming. The Gallaghers are going to have to deal with statehood soon if I go through 1889, and seeing as how they love change (ahem - not), it will make for interesting writing. Lucky for them, their part of Montana was still secluded and quiet, and would remain that way for another hundred years.

White rose_MK McClintock
A little hot house/indoor rose that survived winter outside.

Concentrating on one manuscript at a time has always been a struggle for me, mostly because my brain doesn't want to cooperate. I'll be writing one story while an annoying and intrusive part of my brain is thinking about the next five. Keeps things interesting, though. I'll spend some of the summer pondering new series, including a trilogy that I've convinced my mother to write with me, and next year's books are already crowding my thoughts.

Of course, there will be more in the McKenzie Sisters series because I had so much fun with Cassandra and Quinn, and they have more adventures to share.

Pretty purples in the garden grew so tall they had to be moved, but they forgave me and are still happy.

Cooler mornings allows for some kitchen time, and I have a few tasty recipes to share. In the meantime, it's back to writing for me, and starting the next book in Kristi Ann Hunter's Haven Manor series.

What are your plans for the rest of the summer? Off on an adventure? Homebound? Relaxing by the pool or climbing a mountain? I hope whatever you're doing is fun, relaxing, or both!

A Vermont horse . . . just because.


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