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Listen To Your Heart ~ #UpbeatAuthors

Discover courage, wisdom, and peace.

Letting Go ~ #UpbeatAuthors

IN A WORLD filled with noise: people, ads, commercials, politicians, friends, and more telling you how you should think, what you should buy, or what you should do, it's important to listen to that voice inside that tells you, "This is right," or "This is wrong," or "I have no use for this." It's too easy to fall into doing what everyone else is doing, but worse when it's not what you want, need, or believe.

“They should know the truth, as I know it, and as you refuse to believe it.” –Rhona Davidson in Blackwood Crossing

When we listen to our heart, our intuition, and do what we know is right and good, we find doubt, uncertainty, and fear easier to overcome . . . at least in my experience.

Do you listen to your heart, your intuition?

And because I enjoy sharing these music videos, here's "Tongue That Cannot Lie" by Karine Polwart. It seems to fit (kind of), and I like the song.


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