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I awakened at 2:45 AM and was royally annoyed until the fog cleared from my brain and I realized what woke me.

I love a good storm. My bedroom window was already open with a nice breeze coming in through the screen. Then the rain began, and while I always enjoy a nice downpour, the thunder and lightning stole the show in the wee hours of the morning. No, I didn't take the above picture, but that's about what it looked like only with more lightning. It went on and on and I lay in bed with a big smile on my face.

I was about to fall back to sleep . . .

It seems my pup doesn't share my love for big storms, and the thunder really freaked her out. She pawed at the side of my bed to get my attention, her face set on the edge of the mattress (she's a tall one). I crawled out of bed again, spread one of her blankets over my bed coverings, and up she came. You ever try to move in a King-sized bed with a Saint Bernard cuddled up next to you? Yeah, it's not easy.

She went right to sleep, snoring away. I on the hand had stories, plots, and characters filling my mind, and keeping me awake. It wasn't long before the inside of my mind looked like this . . .

. . . as the storm continued to rage outside. I eventually fell asleep but only for an hour or two before the sun peeked through and decided it was time to wake up for the day. Sleep may have been lost, but a pretty cool scene emerged for my current work in progress, so all ended well and I didn't have to water the gardens.

Images from Pixabay.


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