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History with Heart in "High Valley Promise" by Samantha St. Claire

Put a strong, capable, and kind woman in the western frontier, give her obstacles no one should have to endure, give her an honorable man who fights for justice, and you have High Valley Promise. This is one of those series that you sit back, relax, and enjoy while your imagination pulls you into Kat's world and Idaho's beautiful Sawtooth Range.

One of the things you'll notice is the attention to detail. Samantha has spent a lot of time in and around the setting of this series. You'll know what I mean when you read the books.


High Valley Promise

High Valley Promise by Samantha St. Claire

A promise only silence can break.

In this thrilling and romantic conclusion to Kat's Law, Dr. Kathryn Meriwether must deal with a Cholera outbreak threatening the residents she cares for in Snowberry, Idaho, a killer not armed with a gun as the one whom ex-Texas Ranger Jonathan Winthrop pursues into the Sawtooth Range, but just as deadly and unpredictable. Once again, each will handle the crisis with the skills they've been given, but ultimately will find a greater strength in facing their future together. A high valley promise will unite them as an undeniable force to meet the challenges of their frontier home.

Enjoy an Excerpt

He closed his eyes before finding the courage to meet her gaze. "Can you just trust me, Kat, please? I'd rather not involve you in this. It's ugly business."

She stepped up to him, laying her hand on his arm. "How can I not be involved? I love you, Jonathan. I think that qualifies me to be involved."

Jonathan placed his hand over hers, the tortured look in his eyes must have been a familiar one to Kat, because her breath caught. "It's him, isn't it?"

A cold air swept over him, leaving his fingers tingling and his breath short. Something about hearing her acknowledge even his shadow left him chilled. They were two such disparate forces in his life, and to see them converge–it was the worst of omens. He could see the questions bunching up behind her eyes. "I think it's the same man, Wickin. But I'm not sure. The descriptions aren't clear. I just think. . . . I have to find out."

"What are you going to do? Do you know where he is?"

"I heard he'd been taken into custody and that they might be holding him in Idaho City." He lay his rough palms against her cheeks, aching to feel her warmth thaw through his bone-deep chill. "I have to see him for myself. I have to put this to rest. Can you understand?"

She looked up at him, her eyes flashing. "Yes!” and then almost in the same breath, “But no! Let them send you the description. And what if he isn't in custody? What if he's up there? You'd feel you had to go after him. I know you! You'd go alone before you'd let him get away again."

"Kat this is what I've been doing for most of my life. You're the one that told me I can't deny what I've been called to do. Remember?"

She pulled away. Folding her arms around herself, she scowled up at him. "Don't throw words back in my face, Jonathan. Seems I could do the same to you. You were going to leave and not tell me. What happened to your promise of last night? That certainly didn't last very long!"

"Kat don't. I can't leave you like this. Don't you see? I was trying to protect your feelings."

"Well, that didn't work, did it?" She spit the words back.

He drew in a deep breath and blew it out. Turning away, he threw the blanket on Jessie's back then set the saddle in place. Watching Kat out of the corner of his eye, he continued to cinch the saddle. At last he tied his saddle bags in place. He could see from the slope of her shoulders that the anger had not dissipated.

Leading Jessie from the corral he stopped beside her. "Kat, if this weren't so important to me I wouldn't go. But I made a promise to that young woman that I'd find the man that hurt her. Please try to understand." When she didn't answer, he put his foot in the stirrup and pulled himself into the saddle.

Kat looked up, tears pooling in the corners of her eyes. Her silence was the loudest condemnation.

"I'm sorry. I made a promise." He kneed the mare and she broke into a run.

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