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Heavenly Chocolate Chip Scones - Writer in the Kitchen

Scones (pronounced 'skahn' or 'skoan') were the craving of the day after one of the young characters in the next Crooked Creek book (work-in-progress) enjoyed one while she visited with the inn's cook. If you haven't read "Clara of Crooked Creek" then you won't know what I'm talking about . . . yet. :)

Anyhoo . . . I give you Chocolate Chip Scones. They are not at all what the inn would have served, which matters not the least because they are delicious.

Chocolate Chip Scones - Writer in the Kitchen_MK McClintock

Credit for variations of scones, and how they are served, can be given to different places in the British Isles. However, Scotland traditionally gets the credit for having them derive from the Scottish 'bannock.' They were once much larger, flatter, and more substantial than the scones, or biscuits, we enjoy today.

Thank goodness for culinary evolution.

I've mentioned this in other scone-related posts, but it's worth repeating how versatile scones are. It's nice to enjoy traditional scones, and yet so much fun to experiment with both sweet and savory variations. I made these chocolate chip version with pecans, because pecans are delish. If I had been feeling really adventuruous, I might have added peanut butter chips or toffee, but these are perfect just as they are. Berries, dried fruits, nuts, and spices all make for great scone ingredients. I recently came across carrot cake scones. Count me in!

Do you have a preference on how you say "scone"? Apparently, it depends more on geography (Scotland vs England, or one part of England vs another, or Cornwall vs Ireland, then of course there is the rest of the world). It seems the Queen, along with Scotland and most of England is on the side of scon ('skahn') rather than scone, ('skoan'), which is considered proper. Never fear, because both ways are correct, which is a relief since in the U.S. we tend to say scone.

Now that you have a head full of random bits of scone info, fix a cup of tea and enjoy a scone or two while reading a great book.


The Chocolate Chip Scones are a variation of the Blueberry Lemon Pecan Scones that can be found on the recipes page. For your convenience, you can download the Chocolate Chip Scone recipe here.



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