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Favorite Christmas Movies This Year - So Far

My prescription for "dark" days is a lot of reading, a lot of nature, and a good helping of Hallmark movies. Yes, I'm all about the books, and believe me, there's a lot of book love going on, but once in a while I crave those sweet, wholesome holiday movies. Lucky for all of us, there are plenty from which to choose and enjoy.

Some of these are new to me this year, and others I've seen a few times. I guarantee more will be added as I think of them, but this is my list . . . so far.

Now, I'm going to give these movies a blanket review since they all have the same things in common. They are heartwarming, charming, are filled with holiday fun, will likely make you laugh or cry or both, and the chemistry between the leads is great.

Write Before Christmas

Specific to this movie: I love the incorporation of the military.

A Joyous Christmas

Specific to this movie: Adoption is a subject near and dear to me, and the story line about that in this one is quite touching.

Operation Christmas

Specific to this movie: I love when our military families are in the spotlight. We often think of the men and women in uniform, and it's too easy to forget that their families also make great sacrifices.

Christmas Getaway

Specific to this movie: This one is lots of fun. I first saw the two leads in The Last Ship, so of course I wanted to see more of them. Oh, and I want the getaway cabin.

A Bramble House Christmas

Specific to this movie: Based on the novel by CJ Carmichael, this wonderful story offers up the whole package of Christmas delights.

A Christmas in Tennessee

Specific to this movie: This one speaks to the baker in me, so I'd like it for that alone. Luckily, it delivers a lot more.

Snowed-Inn Christmas

Specific to this movie: I remember smiling a lot during this one, which is always a good sign.

The Christmas Secret

Specific to this movie: Based on the novel by Donna VanLiere, The Christmas Secret is so wonderfully touching with a beautiful story of struggle, loss, hope, and love.

The Father Christmas Movies

Specific to these movies: Based on the books by Robin Jones Gunn, Finding Father Christmas kicks off a trio of great movies. The two leads are great on screen together, plus the stories and setting (changed from London to Vermont) are magical.

There are many more, so I will quit before this becomes too long. With more snow outside, and more to come, there are plenty more Christmas movies to watch in the coming weeks.

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