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Enchanting Sunlit Woods of Wild Lupine

Wild lupine in the woods with stone bench_MK McClintock

On the Lupine Trail

I took my annual walk on the lupine trail a couple of weeks ago. What a gloriously peaceful morning, with the sun casting shadows through the trees and birdsong floating in the air. There are hundreds of pines around the valley in need of cutting down and weeds are growing a bit more wild on the roads right now. Still, nature always finds a way to thrive and enchant.

Deep in the forest green, where shadows dance,

Betwixt the trees, nature’s elegance enchants,

Wild lupine blooms with grace untamed,

Whispers of peace softly proclaimed.

A painting crafted by nature's hand,

Each petal a brushstroke, each leaf a frame,

A masterpiece woven in the forest's land.

In the Garden

The crazy rain-sun-rain-sun weather has been both a blessing and curse. Blessing for me because I love the rain, but curse because it has made garden time planning a little challenging. Turns out, though, the garden has needed little help from me, at least beyond the initial cleanup and occasional weed and trim.

All but one rose tree survived the long, harsh winter, and the spring and early summer weather has given the flowers and shrubs all they need to grow in a sort of orderly chaos. And what joy there is in seeing plants in full bloom, others on the verge, and of course the first rose to open beneath the summer sun.

A change in weather altered my outdoor excursion plans, so I'm off to bake scones and then it's a day of writing with my newest friends in Scotland. I look forward to introducing you.

Wherever you are, may your day be filled with hope that blooms in the corners of your heart.

Writer in the garden_MK McClintock


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