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Easter Cookery and Sweet Puppy

Sunday teased us with snow, but nothing came of it. Even now as I look out the window and type, the wet flakes are swirling and filling the sky, yet beneath the ground is brown as the snow melts. The gloom and snow-capped mountains made it a perfect day for baking and getting ready for Easter dinner.

First up for baking was the Skillet Carrot Cake. Oh my, oh my, is this delicious. I've been trying out a variety of recipes from Cast-Iron Baking (Brooke Michael Bell, Editor), and so far everything has turned out perfect and scrumptious. I made no modifications to this recipe, save for one thing—I doubled the vanilla extract in the frosting. This cake is very filling and oh, so rich and moist. You'll want to split a piece with someone or cut narrow slices so you don't go into sugar overload. It won't be easy to share—trust me.

While I waited for the coloring to dry on the eggs for the next dessert, I played photographer with the little lady of the house. She tolerates me and the camera better than any other dog I've had. She has a favorite spot on the sofa arm (dogs rule in my house), and since she's such a little thing I don't mind. She loves the new Bronte by Moon throw I added yesterday, and she looks really cute on it.

And now for my springtime surprise cake. Actually, I'm still working on the name. When I have that figured out, I'll post the recipe to my recipe page. I took three recipes, blended, modified, substituted, and voila! My new Easter/spring cake. I don't go in for standard Easter colors and pastels, so I kept with my rustic theme. This cake is divine, and not just because I made it. Seriously, I've had some major fails from kitchen experiments, but not so this one. It's creamy and heavy, rich and light, and the flavor makes my mouth so happy.

And though it's snowing today outside, inside it's bright and cheery with flowers. Picked up the lavender a few days ago, and the paper whites are still blooming, as though they knew we were in for more gloom.

A peaceful and restful day, just as Sundays and Easter should be. Because I can't help myself, I'll do a bit of writing before I start dinner. I left Colton and Ainslee (next Gallagher book) in a fun situation and I really want to get back to them.

May your Easter be blessed and filled with light, love, and hope.

Book Spotlight

Today seemed like a day for Clara. Not so much the weather, but while baking I thought of her and her inn in Crooked Creek. Her adventure across the country to her new home is inspiring, and there's so much love for her son.

If you haven't tried the Crooked Creek stories yet, you can get "Emma of Crooked Creek," the first short story, for free, here on this website and at various online retailers.


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