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Early Morning Reading to Start the Day Right

I came across this post on Bustle the other day and it got me thinking that there must be many other people out there who are morning readers.

I'm a morning person, and I'll read any chance I get, but I also like to go to bed early which means I get in a few chapters before my brain can't stay awake. I recently started waking up 15 minutes earlier than my usual 5:30 AM so that I could get in a little extra reading time before I write in my gratitude journal and take my pup for a walk. I love it! It really does help me transition from sleepy-time world to the real world.

Are you a morning reader? Have you tried it? Tell us how it helped you start your day.

I happen to have a great collection of short stories to start your day off right. Check out the Crooked Creek series, or if you're in the mood for a touch of the holidays, no matter the time of year, check out A Home for Christmas.

Happy Reading!

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