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Dreaming of Gardens

One moment I'm wishing for snow and the next I'm thinking about flowers. Well, if I can't have snow I'd like to be out playing in the dirt. Because I'm in the process of deciding where I'd like to buy a house, I'm not doing anything extensive to existing landscapes, but even an hour or two digging, pruning, trimming, and admiring is worth it. Until the weather transitions from blah to warm, I'll enjoy my pictures of gardens past.

The bed below ran the length of a section of the driveway and featured only purples, whites, and the Irish and Scoth mosses. Can you guess which moss is which?

Now, what I really want is a garden like this one! This is a photo I took while touring Cawdor Castle in Scotland. Even during the late season (it was September) the gardens were spectacular with a blend of rustic elegrance and natural splendor.

The gardens at Ballindalloch were quite stunning as well, though they lacked the wild abandon of the Cawdor gardens. Can you imagine being the person who has to keep all that grass manicured (seriously, it was pristine).

Gardens make me happy. How about you?

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