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Dream Big. Work Hard. ~ #UpbeatAuthors

Do you have big dreams?

Dream Big. Work Hard. ~ #UpbeatAuthors

I'm veering of this week's topic, which is healthy eating, because I've been doing so much healthy eating lately that I'm not too keen on talking about it. Let me just say . . . all things in moderation.

Now, about big dreams and hard work. This has been on my mind a lot lately because I'm house hunting and apparently I'm a very picky house hunter. I have a vision of what I want and I won't buy until I find it. I don't mind working hard to turn a place into what I envision, and that's the key to most things in life. You can dream all you want, but if you're not willing to work hard for those dreams, they aren't likely to come true (unless you win the lottery).

Do you dream big and work hard to make it happen?


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