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Dragging, Montana, and Upcoming Books

The title should be a clue as to how little my brain is able to conjure words today. Every bit of energy I have is going into writing, but it's one of those days when I'll be thrilled to write a full chapter.

I drove up to Glacier Park yesterday afternoon for a bit of break, only it made me realize how much I need a full-fledged vacation. Pretty, isn't it? No, that's not a question; it is beautiful in this part of the country. I selfishly wish that it was less populated and that fewer people came through here during the summer, but it's nice to share the beauty of the area with others.

I remember when I first came to Montana in 1999. What a different place it was back then, and oh how I miss it. Land that was once farmed and used as recreation has been bulldozed for shopping centers and box stores no one needs. It's to the point where I venture into the neighboring "city" of Kalispell once a month (often less) as I prefer to remain in my little cozy town on Flathead Lake. I often wonder if I'll stay here or go in search of someplace quieter and a bit more off the grid.

I will say that without my time here, I may not have written that first Montana Gallagher book, the book that started it all, and I'm grateful for the inspiration this place offers, not to mention the scenery.

Speaking of the Gallagher books, I'm moving along with Journey to Hawk's Peak. It's slower than I'd like as I'm dealing with a good number of characters and personalities. After a while, all those different voices in my head can be as exhausting as they are exhilarating. I always have so much fun with the Gallaghers and this time is no different.

More updates, cover reveals, and other news coming soon.

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