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What happens when a mountain man tries to tame the heart of a Highland lass?

I'm thrilled to announce that the Gallaghers of Hawk's Peak are ready to welcome another into their world. Wild Montana Winds is almost here! I wrote 'The End" before the new year began and now I'm finishing up rewrites so I can send the manuscript off to my oh-so-patient editor. This is the story of Colton Dawson and Ainslee McConnell, and I had so much fun with them . . . as I always do when I return to Hawk's Peak and Briarwood.

If you've read the other Gallagher books, you already know Colton Dawson, but what about Ainslee McConnell?

Have a glimpse . . .

Return to Briarwood and Hawk’s Peak to experience a timeless western romantic adventure that will sweep you away on the wild Montana winds.

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