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Clue Party, Sweepstakes, and Winter Dreams

Below is what I wished it looked like around here right now. This is a flashback to one of my earliest winters in Montana. I happened upon this photo while organizing my massive digital library. I do remember the cold. Ah, wonderful memories.

Echo Lake, Montana_MK McClintock

I am taking advantage of our lack of snow to tackle Christmas decorating, which usually takes three to five days depending on my schedule. Good times.

The contemporary snagged me up a bit the other day, so instead of growing frustrated with myself (I will emerge victorious.), I jumped ship for a couple of days and started the new Gallagher book. This one has a big surprise! Ha, no I'm not going to tell you anything. Nada. I'm having too much fun with it to be nice, so I'll leave you hanging until the first snippets are ready to share.

It's good to be back with the Gallaghers.

And for a little fun, I'm going to be hanging out with a group of authors on December 7 at a Facebook Clue Party. I don't know what it is either, so I'll be figuring it out right along with you readers (Dang, I totally left that pun hanging. Clue party, clueless. Anyway . . . ). There will be giveaways, fun, conversation, and of course clues that lead to something cool. I'll be stopping in around 5:30 pm MST.

Have you entered the seasonal sweepstakes yet? This one ends December 15, so there's still time. Why have I started doing these? I offer a little insight into that on the sweepstakes page. I like to change things up on a whim, so these sweepstakes may last a year or two or five, or less.

My advice: Enjoy chance today and stay open to tomorrow's possibilities.

Seasonal Sweepstakes_MK McClintock_December 2019

December is off to a great start!


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