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Christmas Movie Recommendations

If you haven't already read them, don't miss Favorite Christmas Movies This Year - So Far (from 2020) and Favorite Christmas Movies, Part Two.

A new year means adding more great Christmas movies to my growing list of holiday movies I'm glad I took a chance and watched. I don't have cable or subscribe to streaming channels that feature Hallmark movies, so I am usually a year or two behind on new releases unless they come available on DVD.

Just like in the previous movie posts, I'm going to give these movies the same blanket review since they all have the same things in common. They are heartwarming, charming, are filled with holiday fun, will likely make you laugh or cry or both, and the chemistry between the leads is great.

Holiday for Heroes

Specific to this movie: I've liked Marc Blucas since his Buffy days, and he is also in one of my other holiday favorites, "Operation Christmas." I have a soft spot for heartwarming movies and books that feature members of our military.

A Homecoming for the Holidays

Specific to this movie: Beautiful setting, heartwarming story, incorporation of military, and nice chemistry between the leads.

Once Upon a Christmas Miracle

Specific to this movie: Based on true events, this is a really touching movie that had me in tears a few times.

May your holiday season be filled with good books, entertaining movies, and plenty of heartwarming Christmas cheer.

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