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It is Clara Stowe's first Christmas in Crooked Creek! Join Emma, Hattie, Briley, and Clara in post-Civil War Montana Territory for an adventure filled with hope, faith, family, and of course, a long-awaited romance.

Christmas in Crooked Creek will arrive December 13, 2022.

CHRISTMAS IN CROOKED CREEK by MK McClintock - a western historical romance fiction novel

It's up for preorder, which means you can click now and the story will then magically (with the help of a little tech) appear on your e-reader the day of release.

Christmas in Crooked Creek is available almost everywhere through Dec 15, then it goes into Kindle Unlimited.

Get it here:

Paperback, hardcover, and large print editions will be available on release day!

Christmas in Crooked Creek

Join the women of Crooked Creek in a heartwarming tale of survival, hope, love, and maybe even a Christmas miracle.

The war is over, though for some like Michael Donoghue, the four years of battles brought only death and misery. After returning home, he discovers his mother has passed and his sister is gone. With a bit of money and the help of a friend, Michael heads west in search of the only family he has left.

Clara Stowe and her daughter left behind painful memories and a life of comfort to make a beginning out west. When existence on the frontier proves to be more challenging than she imagined, Clara seeks the help of people she’s come to love and a man who stirs within her an undeniable longing for a second chance.

As the holiday season approaches, Michael and Clara must find the courage to let go of the past, survive the present, and embrace a future neither envisioned.

Don’t miss this stand-alone western, romantic adventure novel in the Crooked Creek series set in post-Civil War Montana Territory.


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