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Chocolate Cinnamon Twists - Writer in the Kitchen

They say February is a month of love, but since I think love is for every day of the year, I'm going to narrow the focus down to love of chocolate and books . . . okay, those are all year, too.

Chocolate Cinnamon Twists_Writer in the Kitchen_MK McClintock

Twisty, chocolaty, and cinnamony, chocolate twists, whether made with dough or puff pastry, are a delicious treat for a Valentine's Day get-together, dessert for two, or just because.

It has also been a long, strange winter with extreme ups-and-downs, so some bright color was in order. The lovely napkin was a gift from a reader, and with the yellow-gold trim is a perfect addition.

These chocolate twists have a few steps, but are easy to make and worth the effort. Below, I included a few links to easy alternatives using puff pastry sheets, so you can skip the dough if you're short on time or prefer the puff pastry consistency.

Chocolate Cinnamon Twists_Writer in the Kitchen_MK McClintock

Fix a cup of tea and enjoy a twist while reading a great book.


For your convenience, the recipe can be downloaded here.

Easy Alternatives:

Chocolate Puff Pastry Twists from

Chocolate Twists from

Puff Pastry Twists from Sprinkle of This (I'm trying this one next time!)



Want more?

You can find recipe links and posts organized on my Writer in the Kitchen page.

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