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Celebrate the Environment

Every time I awaken to a new day, I'm overwhelmed with the Earth's generosity for allowing me to tread upon her soil, climb her mountains, hear the birds, and watch a river tumble over rocks. Every day is a miracle and unexpected wonder.

Lake in Jewel Basin hiking area in Montana - ©MK McClintock #lake #mountains
A quiet spot to rest after the first leg of a hike in Jewel Basin - photo by MK

June is filled with environmental days, from World Oceans Day to World Sea Turtle Day and World Rainforest Day, with a lot of great ones in between. What a great opportunity, when the Earth is healing and we perhaps have a little extra time to spare, to appreciate and care for nature.

As parks, businesses, and more slowly open, and people are eager to leave home and explore, don't forget to take care with nature, from wildflowers to wildlife.

As a bonus, park benches, mountain tops, and cozy corners by a lake all make for great places to get some fresh air while reading a good book. Nurture the soul, body, and mind all at the same time.

Environmental days in June

Global Wind Day - June 15

World Sea Turtle Day - June 16

World Croc Day - June 17

World Giraffe Day - June 21

International Climate Change Day - June 21

World Camel Day - June 22

World Rainforest Day - June 22

Discover more official days to celebrate the environment all year long.

Hiking in the Jewel Basin hiking area in Montana - ©MK McClintock #lake #mountains
View after a nice hike on the Mount Aeneas Summit Trail in Jewel Basin - photo by MK

What outdoor activities are you most looking forward to this summer?

Be well, be kind, and stay safe.


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