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British Agent Novel Bits & Bobs: BLACKWOOD CROSSING

Blackwood Crossing allowed me to revisit Scotland, a place where I haven't spent a lot of time, but which holds my heart deeply in her land and history. I cried, laughed, and smiled many times during the writing of this story because I could see the land where I'd walked, where my characters walked, and it brought me incredible joy.

This story required the most extensive rewrite of any of my books. Both my beta-reader and editor felt that the original version of Rhona Davidson was a bit too . . . harsh. I confessed that I put a lot of myself into Rhona, and while my penchant for being straightforward (perhaps too direct at times) might go over okay in real life, it doesn't always in books. Rhona did keep her strong personality, but I toned it down a bit.

Rhona's younger brother was not in the original story. He was added during rewrites.

The town where Blackwood Crossing stands, and Charles lives in England's lake district, was chosen during a reader contest. The winner received a minor character named after in the series.

Readers' Favorite 5 Star Book


Series: British Agent Novels, Book #2 (stand-alone novels)

Setting: England and Scottish Highlands

Sexuality Rating: G

Characters: Charles Blackwood, Rhona Davidson, Alaina Claiborne, Tristan Sheffield, Devon Clayton

Edition Language: English

Formats: Trade, e-book, large print

Trade Paperback: 270 pages

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