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British Agent Novel Bits & Bobs: ALAINA CLAIBORNE

Gallagher's Pride may have been my first published book, but I started working on Alaina Claiborne more than a decade earlier (we won't go into how much earlier), writing a chapter here and there over the years. After the first two Gallagher books were published, I had planned to finish Gallagher's Choice. Instead, I decided to send Alaina Claiborne through rewrites and editing in honor of my younger sister who passed away, and who was my biggest cheerleader.

For a long time I was obsessed with everything British, or at least my perception of it. Research later revealed that I was only partly right. This is in large part why I started writing this story. I started to drink tea from fancy teacups (still do), explored all the options I could in order to live over there (including going to culinary school in London), and learning how to speak with a British accent. It turned out that Scotland is where my heart truly longed to be.

The original title of the book was Claiborne Manor. I don't recall when or why I decided to change the title. I do remember thinking, "Alaina is such a strong heroine, why shouldn't she get a book named after her?"

Alaina Claiborne was going to be a stand-alone book. It wasn't until I'd finished writing the book, and fell in love with Charles and Devon, that I decided they, too, deserved their own stories. We'd already been through so much together; I didn't want it to end.

2015 Reader's Favorite Silver Medal International Book Award Winner

2014 RONE Award Nominee


Series: British Agent Novels, Book #1 (stand-alone)

Setting: Victorian England, Ireland, and America

Characters: Alaina Claiborne, Tristan Sheffield, Charles Blackwood, Devon Clayton

Edition Language: English

Formats: Trade, e-book, large print

Trade Paperback: 258 pages

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