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Bravery with CLAYTON'S HONOR

Bravery comes in all forms, and often arises when we least expect it. A brave spirit is one who is willing to do what is necessary, despite uncertainty of the outcome and fear of the unknown.

All of my characters show bravery at one time or another—at least the good ones. The bad ones are arrogant, not brave, and there is quite a distinction. A brave person does not always believe that they will be victorious, yet they know what must be done and they do it—for love, honor, family, or simply because that is who they are.

Courage with ALAINA CLAIBORNE - historical romance novel

It is not always easy to be brave, and it is certainly okay to be afraid and brave. They key to giving bravery a chance to win over fear is to think of the outcome should you succeed, and how you would feel if you let fear prevent you from trying.

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