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Book Birthday: Journey to Hawk's Peak

Happy birthday to Journey to Hawk's Peak!

Journey to Hawks Peak by MK McClintock | #historicalwesternromance #westernfiction

Amanda's past held many unanswered questions since we first met her in Gallagher's Choice, and I wanted to learn more about her and how she came to be in Briarwood. Ben Stuart, the ranch foreman at Hawk's Peak, has a bit of his own mysterious past, and the more time I spent with him and Amanda, the clearer their stories became. Their romantic adventure is made possible because of their individual strength and courage.

Want to learn more about this remarkable family? Start with Gallagher's Pride, book one in the Montana Gallagher series.

View all currently available books in this series. If your next question is, "Will there be more after Wild Montana Winds?" The answer is, "Yes!"


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