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Book Birthday Giveaway Winner - Gallagher's Pride

Thank you to all those who entered the giveaway and answered the question: If given the opportunity, would you travel back in time to live, as the people lived, for one month in 1880s Montana or Scotland? The responses were overwhelming for, "Only if I could live with the Gallaghers on their ranch, or stay with Brenna in Cameron Manor." I agree with all of you! :)

Congratulations to Carole K. (who answered with, "You bet! I'm ready for a great adventure."). Me, too! Carole won a copy of Gallagher's Pride, plus something extra.

May you all be granted this week full hearts, lots of laughter, and plenty of stolen moments to enjoy a good book.


Gallagher's Pride, a Montana Gallagher novel by MK McClintock

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