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I'm thrilled to share that Journey to Hawk's Peak is a silver medal award winner in this year's Readers' Favorite international book award contest! I want to also shout out a big THANK YOU to all of the readers who have made the Montana Gallaghers such a beloved family and series.

Reviewed by Paul F. Murray for Readers' Favorite

"Journey to Hawk's Peak by MK McClintock is one of the most gripping and thrilling western novels that anyone will ever read. Journey to Hawk's Peak will give readers such a thrilling adventure ride that they will have trouble putting it down. The novel is extremely well written, with smooth, excellent grammar that won’t get in readers’ way, and with a plot development that is logical and highly engaging. This is probably the best novel that I have yet read as a reviewer. It clicks on all cylinders—grammar, punctuation, plot, characterization, everything. This novel is a serious page-turner, and for fans of western fiction, it is a must-read."

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